Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Trashy lil Treasure...

A big downfall to downsizing to a tiny lil house (temporary move) is that there is no room for anything. One lil bag can clutter it in no time. And, the worse part is there is no garage. So, everything I do has to be done in the house or on the porch on a nice day and those days are far and few between this time of year. 

So my recent trip to Goodwill sent me into depression :-(

 I will not be re-doing any furniture anytime soon and this makes me sad because I really wanted to buy this beautiful piece of furniture and re-do it. 

Oh how the visions were dancing in my head.

I opted for something smaller...Now don't get too excited!

I spent a whopping 1.50. I have a plan for this little piece of trash treasure.

All I need is a piece of newspaper, tape, spray paint, etching cream and a sponge. 

I plan on using this little treasure in my office and I am going for a French Vintage decor and every thing is off white and black. I haven't figured out the "POP" of color I'm going to use yet. I'm willing to hear any suggestions on a third and maybe fourth color for this room. 

I wiped everything down and let it dry and taped off the flowers. I like the color that they are.

Thank goodness it was a beautiful day and I took full advantage of it by getting the spray painting done.

While I was letting that dry it was time to etch the glasses. I wanted to do a Fleur de lis design on the glasses to match the room. I made my own template. I just found a design online and printed it on a piece of paper and cut it out. 

It was the perfect size for the glasses. I just held it up and it was time to sponge on the etching creme.

I will have to come up with a better template idea the next time. Paper was a little flimsy and stuck to the class when it got wet but overall it did the trick.

It's really hard to take photos by yourself when you are working on a project. I had to do magic tricks to get action photos...LOL

I did have some smears of etching cream but nothing a razor blade didn't scrape off easily. The glasses turned out perfect...OK, maybe not perfect but it works!

Here's my lil trashy treasure...

Now I am able to incorporate my paint brushes into the decor in the room. It keeps them at arms reach and organizes them in a decorative kind of way.

Overall, this was a simple re-do that turned out to be a beautiful piece of my new room decor. 

Isn't it amazing what a lil spray paint and etching cream can do to a lil piece of trash treasure.

And, the total cost was around $7...even better yet!!

My room is getting done one piece at a time (Boy, could this take awhile). 



  1. I have never used the etching cream but I have used the frosting spray paint and love it. Your transformation turned out nice. (and I'm a sucker for a deal at the GW!) :)

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  2. Just tried etching cream today. It is so much fun.

    1. I hope you made something good...I would love to see it!

  3. I have the same problem with no basement or garage to work in. You've made quite the little lovely our of that piece! ~ Maureen

  4. What a great look! I'm a sucker for fleur de lis being from Louisiana. I might have to steal this idea!

    1. Hi Rachelle! Thanks for visiting and I am also a sucker for Fleur de lis...I may have to stop adding it to my home studio.

  5. Nice design on the glass. What a great job. Looks wonderful. I would love to try the etching. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Angie! You should try the etching cream it was so easy!

  6. Beautiful - LOVE IT! But I so want that piece of furniture! Joining from Shine on Fridays -

  7. This is gorgeous! What a beautiful "face lift". Definitely worth the $1.50 "investment"! :)

  8. What an awesome makeover!!! You could even use these for tea lights ( with that gorgeous fleur de lys ) !!!
    Definitely your newest follower - would love to have you come by and follow back when you have the time!

  9. Denyse, This is my favorite project that was linked up to the Curb Alert! Block Party. I LOVE fleur de lis and you did a fabulous job! Well done :)
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  10. I simply adore this creation! I LOVE IT!!!! I give is a WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Thanks for sharing with us at Junkin Joe and hope to see you again soon! Sending Holiday Hugs...

  11. So jealous of your finds!! Love what you did with them. Loving the new look, too, by the way!
    Thanks so much for linking up at Artsy Corner. Hope to see you again this week! :)


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