Thursday, November 29, 2012

Social Hop Like Crazy Party...

Welcome to the "It's a Social Hop Like Crazy" Party. Since this is the first of many more social parties I am linking up a couple days early...We normally party Friday night/Saturday Morning around here. Each week it will be a different social hop: Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. I am throwing a party in hopes to help all of us gain new followers, we are in this together. And, if you have any suggestion just yell at me from across the room, it's what my friends do. "I do listen".

This weeks social hop is a "BLOG" hop. Link up the main page to your blog.

Social Hop Like Crazy


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Color Inspiration Wednesday


"Life is a great big canvas...Throw all the color on it you can"...

Analogous colour schemes use 2-3  colours close to one another  on the colour wheel. Adjacent colours are naturally harmonious, and are usually more interesting than monochromatic schemes.

Three colors next to each other on the color wheel comprise an analogous color scheme. Here are three examples: 
  • red, orange, and yellow

  • green, blue, and purple

  • yellow, yellow-green, and green
When you put these Analogous colors together this is what they look like...

At Harvest My Design they used a combination of reds, oranges and yellows. It adds warmth to any home. Love those vases. 

Rayco Painting did a fun color combination on the trey ceiling. That is definitely a future thought.

This is a cute room I found online. You could have so much fun with that couch and throw pillows. I'm thinking yellow spring, red and orange fall.

I found this on and I simply love the paint scheme around the fire place. That is the true mean of warm and cozy!

If you like cool colors this is a beautiful combination. Eye see pretty did a beautiful job with the use of the greens, blues, and I see a little purple in there.

How about with some painted walls. Look how that green lamp stands out. 

If you really like bold here's a statement you could make...What do ya think?

Suite Seven elegantly combined this cool color combination. And, let me say those are some really large windows. 

Decor Report turned this room into a tropical paradise. Look how cute those colors look together even the little "POP" of blue. I'd have to call this my skittles room ;-)


Have a "CRAZY BEAUTIFUL" day!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Week in Review

How many new "Pins" did I add to my boards this week:   I added 43 pins and 1 more board. If you are not following me on Pinterest you are missing out!

The "Best" part of my week: Spending Thanksgiving with my husband and kids.  The youngest is leaving for the Air Force in June so this may be the last Thanksgiving for awhile that we will all be together.

My two oldest always come home early enough to have breakfast.

After Breakfast we watched parades and were lazy.

At this point we haven't even had turkey yet!

It was time to get dinner ready and it was nice to have everyone in the kitchen helping, with the exception of my 22 yr old son who took a 4 hr nap.

What kind of family dinner would it be if you didn't have a slip of the knife. Darn potatoes!

Dinner time...I will have leftovers until Christmas. My goodness!

Time to relax with a glass of wine. Every time I open a bottle of wine I write the occasion on it if there is one.

Oh! I can't leave little Mocha out..."We hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving".

One more thing that made my week: My Best Friend who moved away 4 yrs ago is moving back and I couldn't be more ecstatic!

The "Worst" part of my week:  Having my hubby pass out on me when he broke his finger on Friday...I think I'm the one that is traumatized!

Current Project: Hmmm!! I'm working on books, shelves, canvas and glass...I know I'm so

This week's goal: Blog planner almost done! I also really need to get my fall decor packed up and dig out Christmas stuff.

Last week's goal progress: I'm blaming the Holiday's on my slacking.

What I am currently  reading:  Ok! Forget the reading updates. I will have to come up with a new subject to talk about.

Week in Photos: Follow me on Instagram

1. It's 5 o'clock somewhere 2. Sending some sunshine up North (they were getting snow) 3. Just lil ole me heading to work 4. Holiday manicure 5. Hello world! 6. A good friend that lost over 160 lbs 7. My morning 8. My youngest Diva 9. How my hubby chills 10. Glassware 11. Sneak Peek of my newest work of art 
12. Pie and Wine 13. Left over hot turkey sandwiches 14. I was playing with my new Galaxy phone 15. Thanksgiving dinner 16. A beautiful fall day

A little bit about me: I was a flight attendant for NWA.

Have a "CRAZY BEAUTIFUL" week!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Restore Gem

I am all about a good deal, especially when I see something and have a vision. Once in a while I will pop in Goodwill and Habitat Restore and if I'm lucky I find something worth buying. 

Oh! If I have the room...we all know that dilemma!!

I have been looking for a desk I could craft on. (Which has somehow turned into a desk my hubby uses). That's what I get for downsizing. It's OK, I will get it back - this is all temporary.

This is what I found and for the low low price of $15, PERFECT!

A nice paint job and a little reupholstering and I have a desk set that will go in my home perfectly. And, since I was being cheap at the time of purchase I bought this wrinkly cut piece of material for .50. A little ironing will take care of those wrinkles. (Psst...I'm ready to change the fabric already but don't tell hubby)

There were a few cracks in the chair so I recruited hubby to help and fix it up for me. He tightened up some screws and added some more screws for additional support. He also added some putty and wood glue did a little sanding and the chair was ready to paint.

I wanted the desk and chair to be black to match my book shelves. Oh, how I miss my garage!

We did not paint the top of the desk. I am thinking of doing tile on the top of the desk or maybe some fabric and plexi-glass. Oh, the options I have, I really do give myself too many choices. Do you ever do that? 

This was the quote I put on my Facebook tonight, "Sometimes I'm afraid of the things my mind comes up with" !! ... And, that my friends is the truth!

I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of my hubby upholstering the chair. This was a first for him, what is wrong with me? I must of been in the house drinking wine. Yep! That's the story I'm sticking too. ;-)

So, with that being said here's my before & after pics...

Well, this was an easy peasy project. And the whole project was less the $20. So, once I decide on new fabric and what I'm going to do with the top of the desk, I will be sure to update you. I am open to suggestion ;-)

Have a  "CRAZY BEAUTIFUL" week!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday "Pinspiration"

Welcome to Friday "Pinspiration"...

We could all use a little inspiration pinspiration. Here are a few of my favorite pins this week. If you want to see all the other great pinning I have done, please stop on over and follow along. Psstt....I follow back!

I just love this gift idea. I'm a Hair Stylist and this would be perfect for my regular clients.

As we are getting ready for Christmas this is a cute alternative to a wreath...I believe this swag was made by CBDesigns but the original link does not work. Another pinner had this pinned and it linked to the Mesh Barn.

How cute are these Holiday nails. I really wish I knew who did them, the original pinned link does not work. If you know I will be more then happy to fix the link.

{source unknown}

Save your Sunday funny's...This is a cute gift wrap idea!

I have found the cutest ornaments on Pinterest and I just love this Holly in snow ornament. It would be fun to make on a girls night with some wine. Don't you think? ;-)

We have to have a little Fall fashion. I am such a sucker for brown and this outfit is such a simple, yet cute look. Oh! how I love it!!!

Great craft idea. You could do this with any box, the right sized box for a shelf would be perfect. When I saw this I ran out to the garbage can and pulled out some boxes I threw in there the other day. My wheels are turning.

I hope you were pinspired by these great finds. Now go cover some boxes, and decorate for the Holidays, then share it with me on Pinterest. Or you could be like me and go spend hours on Pinterest and get no crafting or decorating done ;-)

Have a "CRAZY BEAUTIFUL" weekend!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Have a "Blessed Thanksgiving"

Happy Thanksgiving from 
"My Crazy Beautiful Life" to You and Yours!!
(For all my American friends)
Song Lyrics from "May the Light of Love" by David Roth

We always say how "Thankful" we are for our family and friends this Thanksgiving. How about being "Thankful" for those that are sacrificing time with their family and friends to defend our freedom.  


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Color Inspiration

Complimentary Colors

"Life is a great big canvas...Throw all the color on it you can"...

The complementary color scheme is made of two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. 

This scheme looks best when you put a warm color against a cool color, for example, red versus green-blue. The complementary scheme is intrinsically high-contrast.

When using the complementary scheme, it is important to choose a dominant color and use its complementary color for accents. Using one color for the background and its complementary color to highlight important elements, you will get color dominance combined with sharp color contrast.

When you put the color schemes together they look something like this...

Here's some Green & Red...

How about some Blue & Orange...

And who would have thought Purple & Yellow would look good...



Have a "CRAZY BEAUTIFUL" weekend!


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