Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where to BEGIN???

I don't even know where to begin...it's been awhile!

I might have to break this up or I will be writing a long book...Last time I posted was in January and I have gone through quite the changes since then...I guess it makes for ALOT to write about :-)

I still have computer issues that have had me sooo irritated but what's a girl to do?? Bottom line - 

(Yes! It makes me cry $$$)

Here's what's been going on since that last blog post way back when:


Yep!! I started smoking again...

I am trying to quit and it's been really, really hard! I am open to any really good suggestions...I have felt like crap lately and I know I need to quit...I have been on prescription meds in the past to quit...just to end up in 


But, I did really well yesterday I only had 2 cigs...


Sitting around (granted I was in school for the past year)..smoking and eating crappy has done quite the toll on my little body...I think I've finally realized I am not 27 anymore and the weight just doesn't fall off...This is all I have to say about what's going on...


Here's a funny for you....I am going to start eating healthy and start exercising! 
(Don't laugh too hard)

And, I will look like this in no time!!


I will take you along in this journey and then you can laugh and cry with me...the hard part is my hubby is in great shape...hits the gym 5-6 days a week and is built like a shit brick house...and I told him I would let him help me get in shape...

This might not be a good idea...LOL


If you have followed my blog in the past then you know I went back to school AGAIN to get my cosmetology license AGAIN!

I am happy to say that I am done...And, I can surely tell you that going back to school after all these years has been one of the toughest things I have ever done in my life!!

Now to begin my new chapter in life in the beauty industry...So many opportunities...
Stay tuned!


One of my new adventures is teaming up with a former classmate, Kristina and with the help of Rachel...

(Me, Rachel & Kristin)

We have formed a new company...


Right now we have teamed up with a few photographers and done the hair and make-up for a few photo shoots...We were even lucky enough to do a photo shoot for a national magazine...I can't wait to share all the fun stuff with you...

Here's a teaser...

(one of the models)

(Kristina in action)

Like our Vivid Twist Facebook page and keep up to date on what we are doing and not to mention the great beauty tips you will receive...


Here's a shocker...We MOVED again!!! and if you have followed me in the past you will know I just moved a year ago...this will be the 5th move in 3 yrs...And, NO we are not military!!

We downsized again to save money to hopefully buy a house next year...
(Please say prayers this plan works)

I can't take moving again...Now that I live in a box cause that's what it feels like...I might be divorced before next year living in this "CABIN" as I call it...Because, that's exactly what it feels like!!

See...CABIN in the woods!!!

More on this later!! 
Too much talk about this one stresses me out...But, let me say that this move involves NO storage space so now we are involving a storage unit on this venture!!


Hubby and I did celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in April...The original plan 5 yrs ago was that he was to take me to....

Haha...that didn't happen...We went to Ashville, NC instead...

Hung out at the Biltmore for the day...

Took cheesy photos of our selves...

Got all dressed up for a fancy dinner at Biltmore Inn...

And, ate some really fancy food!!!

My salad...Are you kidding me??? If I ate like this I wouldn't have a muffin top...lol
And, I couldn't figure out why there were PANSIES on my salad!!!

And, who can resist a really good dessert!!!

This was very sweet!! 

And, you too can get this fancy dinner for the low, low price of $200!!
(We won't go there)

Well, I hope I can get back into blogging...I really wish my computer was cooperating but until I can afford a new one I will have to make it work...A BIG problem...it won't let me download my photos off my camera ...and now that Picasa is gone I have no idea how I would edit my photos anymore...


If you have still stuck by me in my absence I want to say a...


My goal is to blog every morning about the day before!!
We shall see...
 (this sounds like a good challenge, huh?)

As, you can see I still have a...

Crazy Beautiful Life

I would love to hear about the CRAZINESS in your life since I've been M.I.A!!


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