Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who Needs a Sewing Machine...NOT I..

Now that I have finished my daughter's room it's time for me to move on to the office...This project might take awhile...I have yet to come up with a solid plan...

My office furniture is black and I'm accenting with Purple & Apple the one thing I know I wanted to change was the curtains...I just threw these up on the window when we moved in (I already had them) and I just wasn't feeling it...

I wanted to make my own curtains but I had to figure out how to do that without a sewing machine...I use to have one but unfortunately I lost it in a house fire and was not motivated to sew or create after that...

I had a plan so off to JoAnn fabric to get some fabric....It is really frustrating to walk around and not find anything you are really looking for or like...I did find some pretty lavender fabric with black....I really wanted to find ones with all the colors of my office (fat chance of that happening) so I crabbed some apple green ribbon and headed home to get started...

I have everything I need now let's make some curtains...

I have my fabric and ribbon for the curtains...tape measures to measure the size...straight pins to hem them...heat-n-bond hem...ironing board and iron...

I spray starched the curtains to iron them smooth and hem the edges to get ready to hem...

I measured...pinned and hemmed...then I grabbed my heat-no-bond to seal my hemmed edges..

Once my curtains were all hemmed I added the green ribbon for that added color...

I also used the heat-n-bond to adhere the ribbon to the curtains...

Go me...Go me...Go me!!!

 I am patting myself on the back for this one they look so much better than the old ones...
Don't you think???

I wasn't sure about the fabric (not overly loving it) but it really gives my home office/craft room more of a cozy/ homey feel...This is just the beginning of the office/craft room re-do...

The curtains took me a couple hours and the best part is I bought the exact yards that I needed so there was no extra fabric or cutting :)

I really need to learn how to take photos of window when the sun is shining...
(note to self -again-learn how to use camera)

Now on to one of the 4 shelves in the office....


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  1. Look so good...even better in person! I so hear you on learning how to use our cameras...someday The pattern and colors are my favorites as well...I have those in my bedroom and I never get tired of black, white and green and a little pink thrown in for accents ;) The old shears...even though they were shear still seemed to make the room dark...while your new treatment makes everything much brighter. Next you need to blog about your new "door" design/application ;)

  2. I love a good no-sew project. The curtains look great! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I'm following back:)

  3. I recently added ribbon to my daughter's curtains. Ribbon adds a bit of fun. Come over and take a look.

  4. Love the curtains. The colors are well, perfect, love them! Purple is my favorite. I keep our office/den a bit masculine. Although I spend most more time in it then my husband does. He needs more than the garage to fit his style :-) But I'm working on making my art room a shabby chic haven.Big Hugs and I can't wait to see the rest.

  5. They look great! Saw you on linky party and now google friend following. Please pop by, Karima :)

  6. This is a great no-sew project. Your curtains came out beautifully. I need (desire) to replace the curtains in both my livingroom and bedroom, but thus far have not found anything that I like or can afford. This is a great alternative. I am heading to Jo-anns Fabric this weekend and see want I can find. Thanks for sharing. Happy Holiday weekend!

  7. I think these curtains are adorable and I love the idea of adding the bright green ribbon to them. I am going to make some curtains today. I made some no sew covers for my pillows and they were very similiar to making the curtains. I added 2 inches to the fabric when measuring for the pillows and they came out adorable. I used stitch witch on the pillows, but will try heat n bond next time because the stitch witch has broken apart over the last couple months and I've had to redo them. An easy fix and always easy to make new covers if I am in the mood for a different style! =)


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