Thursday, April 7, 2011

Productive Day...

I'm REALLY mad about American Idol...Boy did America get that WRONG!!
(Done venting...let's move on)

Don't you LOVE when you have a productive day??? Want to know the secret??? Get up early (that was rough) ... Good thing I have a Keurig...I purposely set my alarm for 7:30 am (one word CRAAZZZEEEE)...

With all the preparation to to look for of course BLOGGING...I don't have time to sleep-in cause then I stay up too late...I got up and packed this mess...

It really wasn't as bad as it looks.... I knocked that are out of the park...

I'm not keeping much in this room so I don't have to worry about having a family room we won't use anymore... There is one kid left at home so "Mooch" (that's my oldest - Danyelle) is getting new furniture...

Well now here is the FUNNY (I'm still laughing about it)...

I've been moving this container around for the past year...I AM REALLY going to work-out...Really I AM...No, SERIOUSLY (still not believing me are you???)..I'll prove it!! I will take pics ~Hint: don't watch for it anytime soon~ Ok!!! Back to laughing!!! LOL

Laughing that hard is a work-out...Now to finish up my productive day...did some homework...Wondering what I'm studying this semester, Aren't you??? LOGIC and snoopy couldn't of said it better...

Are you impressed??? (haha I am)  Don't be... the class makes my brain tired...No one should use their brain this hard...

I have a professor that gave us some tips on balancing life and I wanted to share it with you (I've got the 3K a semester covered...This tip is FREE to you ;)

  • Develop your own style.
  • We move in the direction of our focus.
  • What appears to be a dead-end might only be a detour.
  • A detour is not permanent.  It's a necessary but temporary side route.
  • The road to success is always under construction.
  • After complaining, determine "what's next?"
My final part of the day was looking at housing and having our realtor set-up appts for us...
Don't think WOW...The sqft is under 1500...When I say downsize I'm not kidding!!!!



  1. I love, love, love the outside of the middle one!!!

  2. Sounds like you're one busy lady! And can I just say how upset I was about American Idol tonight? Big mistake America. Thanks for your kind words, and now I'm following you!!

  3. Not watching Idol...haven't for a couple of years because it always irritated me that it was a popularity contest. We watched it last year because we liked Ellen and I was gonna try to watch it this year because I love Steven Tyler...but after hearing the complaints today...guess not ;) You got a lot done with your packing...must feel good. The second house looks a lot bigger than 1,500 sq. ft. It will be a downsize just the same...but just remember...less stuff to clean and deal with is always a good thing ;)


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