Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is this really happening ...(Week 1)

Time to figure things out and get started...No more boo-hooing about the "Big Move" (well for now)...My days are busy from morning until night and griping and groaning just doesn't fit in there...The way I figured it out is if I move in 10 weeks that means I should be getting a room done a week (you can laugh now...I am)...

So, let's head down to the basement and see what's going on...It started off as a family room 3 months ago and then turned into a catch-all as I was doing my home re-do...

One word...YIKES!!! (OK two words -Overwhelming)...

I wanted to turn around and run back up the stairs...(I think I'm trapped in a really bad nightmare)...If I could do one thing right now...it would be wiggle my nose and make it all go away...guess it's not happening..Ahh BOOOO!!!!

It's obviously a waste of time now to go through and organize all my photos...I was on a good roll too...It was nice to take my time and sort at my leisure (not really...LMAO...it sounded good)...I might as well pack this all away...

I took all them photos and packed them all back in that blue container...they may be in there for awhile...Now I do try to keep a weight limit on the boxes I pack...I don't want anyone hurting their back especially my hubby (he brings home the MULLAH $$$)...And seeing as I used to work for the airlines I know how heavy a 50 lb bag can be...Oops my bad....

Ahhh!! My hubby is a big bodybuilder he can lift it ;-) ...that's a good way to get out of lifting boxes when we move...hmmmm (thinking)...I might be on to something ~wink wink~

NOT TO CHANGE THE SUBJECT...but as I was stacking some boxes and I just happened to look out in the backyard and saw a container full of water....(I'm about to blow my lid)...Aren't my outdoor lights pretty????

Wonder how long they have been sitting in water...REALLY??? Why don't men think sometimes???...I'd tell you the 500 excuses he gave me for this "little mishap" as he calls it...But, I will wallow in that anger by myself for awhile...(step away from the hubby)....

Let's move on (bad choice of words, again)...I did get somethings done and I'm happy with that but I'm not going to toot my own horn just yet...I have 4 days to finish the room and I am known to get distracted and off track easily...

Take note of my bright pink duct tape ~woot woot~ ...the pile in the middle of the floor is what is the beginning of my "Got to go" pile...

It's a start....now if I could stay on track and as you will soon find out if you don't already know...I AM EASILY DISTRACTED...(reading blogs all day doesn't have nothing to do with that distraction...hehe)

WELL HOW DO YOU THINK I DID??? (be honest;-))


  1. Hello! Newest follower from the blog hop! Would love for you to stop by and follow back, whenever you get a chance. Have a great week! (:


  2. Okay...I'm probably gonna rub you the wrong way {wink}...cause my first reaction when I saw the tub of "outdoor lights" was WTF? Why on earth are you moving outdoor lights? Maybe subconsciously Chris agrees with me and left them out in the weather for a good reason...lol Lucy you have some splainin' to do...one word PURGE and do not move it again ;) You need a vision board with North Carolina on it so that when you get in a bad spot over this move...you'll remember that it's all worth it! A room a week is a great start. I know I'm tough but it's tough love ;)

  3. Ugh, I finally went through all my photos this summer before we had the baby. Nooooo fun! That's why I'm all digital now. I take a million and print maybe 30 if I'm lucky a year.

    Movings no fun. Good luck though.

  4. Just stopping by from the UBP2011! I can't wait to keep reading your blog. Capturing home re-do's from start to finish with a blog photo journal is fascinating. You really get to see the big picture unfold!

    I've just started the AnnaBean blog this past September. I'll be following and I'd love if you followed back as well!





  5. I am all about the purging, like Roberta :)
    But anyway, I think you did a great job! Good luck with the move.


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