Saturday, April 30, 2011


I've become a slacker...but with good reason...I've been having some problems with my ears...constantly feels like I'm in an airplane...but anyways...let's talk about my other decisions...decisions...

No secret "I'M MOVING"...And, we are downsizing from a 2400 sq ft house to a 1300-1400 sq ft house...I am excited to downsize now that I only have one kid left at home...well for 2 more years (woo hoo and woo hoo..again) can you hear the excitement in my voice...if not I will say it again (WOO HOO)...

Ok back to the decision making...I have a dining room and all though I am over the oak look...I'm afraid to attempt to sand and stain my dining room set...I had it Amish made and although I never really use it...I don't know if I want to put it in the new dining room or take the leaf (it has 3 leafs...not sure what I was thinking I never feed that many out of it and put it in the kitchen...but I do have a high top kitchen set...

Let's take a's the dining room now...Borinngggg....(and YES...I take the dishes off once a month and run them through the dishwasher) CRAAAAZEEEE....

 and here's my kitchen set...

Here's the kitchen in the new house...

And, here's the new dining room...

The dining room opens into the living room and I was thinking that I might like to turn it into an office cause I kind of like this look (I'm talking the placement...not the furniture...)...

Ughh!! I already have a headache from my ear problems and now trying to squeeze in my decisions...decisions...(headslap) well not really that would hurt...LOL

I have about 5 weeks to decide...Dining room or "NO" Dining room...I could always put the office in the 3rd bedroom (that's were it is now)...Use the dining room set in the kitchen or the high-top set??? How does one decide (Are you confused yet?? I AM)...If I only had about 50 grand I could just go buy all new and start all over...Haha...Wouldn't that be nice ;-)

Thanks for listening to me ramble!!!



  1. Hi Denyse,
    Wowee! Your blog design looks very pretty! I LOVE it! Isn't Jenn simply the best? I'm so happy to know you liked my design and then found Jenn. You are the sweetest friend and I appreciate you.

    Congrats on your upcoming move! Fantastic news! I adore your new home. The kitchen and the dining room are lovely. If you have room to make a bedroom into a home office I think I would keep it a formal dining room. You never know when you may need that type of room for entertaining and dinner parties.

    Have a blessed weekend.
    Warmly, ~Melissa

  2. I vote dining room. A place to eat is always full of memories!

  3. I vote make the dining space an office and give me the square dining set... doesn't everyone else agree that's an awesome idea?!

  4. Sorry Danyelle...I say keep both tables and still turn your dinning room into an office. Just use the table as your desk and then if you do want to cook for the holidays then you can pull out the table leafs and the chairs and host the parte ;) HOWEVER...I opt for painting the TOP only of the dining room table with black chalk board paint and then covering your chairs with black canvas chair covers to bring it all together. Great fresh new look without spending a lot of money. ALSO by painting just the top you can EASILY sand it down and refinish it with the original oak stain to match. I'd find some black chair covers and have your monogram put on the backs to modernize the chairs as well and make them "pop". Hope this helps ;)
    here's a few links for inspiration: (this one is my favorite...I like the new modern chairs with the table ;)

  5. Denyse! thanks for stopping by! I'm not really a dining room person, my set happens to be in a space adjacent to my kitchen, so it's almost like an eat-in kitchen...a huge eat-in kitchen. So, I vote for the office space or even a office/craft space?? You might need to make room for that sewing machine you want... :) Happy decorating!
    ♥J. sevensisters

  6. I love all the great ideas...I always have a vision until I actually try to redo a room and then I figure out my "CRAZY" ideas are always bigger then the room...LOL


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