Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm in love...

SERIOUS!!! Have you ever looked for months and months for that perfect piece of furniture and COULND"T FIND IT ??? (down right frustrating)...

So you 'Just Settle"...(I hate when that happens)...that right there is a NEON sign saying "I WILL SOON BE DONATED OR SOLD" (Why? cause we really are not happy with it)...Don't get me started on this subject...

Now we all know I'm making a "BIG MOVE" I need to be shopping for anything (No, really I wasn't)... I was reading some of my favorite blogs (see I'm really!! I am THIS

I'm sitting here minding my own business (yes I do take breaks)...Where was I?? Oh minding my own..hehe...Anyways, I was reading Sara's blog over at Thrifty Decor Chick about re-doing her livingroom and on the hunt for the perfect furniture...AND THERE IT WAS!!!!

I wanted to JUMP out of my chair and go FIND IT...IT IS PERFECT...I'm so in LOVE with it!! I can't stand it... I HAVE to HAVE IT...(Do you hear me screaming)...I just want to touch it...sit in it...OK OK I'm done making you wait...I like to introduce you to the new "LOVE" of my life!!!!

Now I'm on the search to find it...I sent Sara an e-mail asking her where she found it and in the meantime my P.I. instincts already kicked in...I FOUND IT at Arhaus and her name is "JULIA"...(soo doing the happy dance)...

My BUBBLE  just got BUSTED...( HYSTERICAL)...She's $2,018..(Waaa Waaa)...Someone please pass me some...



  1. OH NO! I HATE when that happens! Its may catch it on clearence in a few months!


  2. Awww! That's terrible! Hopefully you'll find a great knock-off somewhere!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm looking forward to following you back! :)

  3. Happy Friday! I'm your newest follower from Ultimate Blog Party 2011! Looking forward to reading your blog. Hope you will come follow me too:

  4. Oh yeah...don't do it! Cleaning out the file cabinets last night and found my Ethan Allen receipts for the two wing chairs and love seat that we had to get rid of because it didn't fit here at the Love Shack...over $5,000.00 for furniture I was too busy working to pay for to enjoy. Then when I could enjoy them...they didn't fit out space anymore. It did make me sad and I did fortake in drinking some wine last night ;)

  5. Girl I hate when that happens! I am always drawn to expensive furniture too! Try looking on like overstock or something they have great chairs! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am now your newest follower!! I am glad you don't think I'm crazy LOL Come back and join in on my giveaway.

  6. Oh no! That sucks big time. Oh well, some things are just not meant to be. But don't worry, some thing better is probably out there just waiting for you to discover it. :D

    Thanks for following me. Followed you back. :D

  7. Hi! New follower stopping by from the blog hop. Have a great day! :-)

  8. I couldn't find the post about the Boost my

    Blog Friday Blog Hop, so I am leaving my note


    BLOG HOPping around - I am now a follower of

    your blog, wont you also follow me?? ~KM
    Krafty Max Originals

  9. Thanks for stopping by & for your sweet comment :)

    Sorry about that price tag......totally sounds like my luck!


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