Monday, April 4, 2011

Here we go again...

I don't even know where to begin...(already banged my head on the desk...couple times)...

Let me back up for all of you that don' t know the WHOLE story..Yep!!! I know imagine me having a story ;-) ...I will make this short and sweet...I JUST MOVED TO MARYLAND FROM N.C. ON DECEMBER 27, 2010... how's that for short and sweet!!! WE ARE MOVING BACK TO N.C. IN JUNE...pretty self explanatory from there...hence the banging head on the desk...

I am not talking pack a truck and go...When we moved to Maryland (3 months ago) we towed my car (which was packed)..I drove the Yukon (packed) and my hubby and a friend drove the 2 (TWO)  biggest U-Hauls we could get....and we still left things in NC...(guess I don't have to go get them now)...

Now I get to take you on my new "Crazy Beautiful Life" journey...It should be a ride with lots of laughter, tears, and CHAOS!!! So LET'S GET THE PARTY STARTED ( I have to grab a box of tissues first...not ready to laugh just yet).....Especially since we took all the boxes out of the attic...Good thing we didn't toss them...As you can see my youngest wasn't laughing either!!!

Oh and look a box that never got unpacked...
And here are the bags of newspaper and bubble wrap that were ready to go to the trash...I just gave a whole new meaning to "Recycle"....Isn't that one of the rules to organizing REUSE???...LOL!!!

I did forget to tell you one thing that will make this even more adventurous...I live in a 3 STORY town your crying with me huh????

One of the things I did learn was to be resourceful when I'm going up and down 2 flights of stairs...Could be a good reason I don't go to the gym (OK that was funny)....Moving will be no different...time to gather some moving supplies I will need...because I'm already irritated about the move, going up and down stairs for something stupid will really get my temper going...

My shopping totes always come in handy and this time is no different...

I will need packing tape (for all 500 boxes)...hammer (for all 500 nails I put in the walls hanging decor)...duct tape (to lable all 500 boxes that have been written on from last move)...did I mention that was just 3 month ago...Sorry!!! sore subject...LOL...Where was I??? Oh the moving supplies...I need markers (to write on the duct tape on the 500 boxes)...I'll need to know what room they go in...I also opted for some bright color duct tape so the room can be seen on the side of the box and it can be unloaded to the right room....

Fits perfect in my tote and plenty of room for other things I will need along the way...I also have a container for screws, nails and other important things that get lost in a move...believe me I'm becoming a PRO at this...(still not smiling)... I will share more as we go along...don't want to bore you all at once....haha...

Now on to the most important things I will need daily to get me through this craziness.....

Coffee....Notepad & Pen...Cell Phone and Camera...Now we can get moving (that was a BAD use of words)... ;-)



  1. Oh my...I so feel your moving pains ;) My one tip is USE that camera by taking photos of the before photos of what you PUT into your boxes. Print out the photos and tape them to the boxes. It was the BEST thing I ever did for my last move...that and used a storage facility to pull out ONE BOX at a time as you are ready to DEAL with it. Really good for the nick nack shelves and

  2. Oh my....
    I hate moving. =( Silver lining: good opportunity for throwing more stuff away.
    I visited compliments of Aimee at Girl Talk.
    Dianne @

  3. We just moved from overseas last summer and may have to move again to a different house (Same city though) this summer. I hate moving! You have a much better attitude than I do though. Hey as someone else said... at least it will get you to toss out the junk... AGAIN!!! If you are like me even though it has only been 3 months you will still have accumulated junk. Sigh... pour yourself a stiff drink and just do it! Good luck.

  4. Wow I haven't moved in over 4 yrs but will be in the next year or so and the thought makes me cringe!! I wish I had some advice for ya but I don't I was preggers last time and didn't do much b/c dh was scared a box would fall on me or the stress would make me go into labor so he did it all w/his friends I know no help to you, LOL but thought I'd share.. Hugs and try I say try not to stress to much...

  5. I am not a fan of moving either. Moving is hard on the kids too! Good Luck! You know what they say though...."as long as we're together"
    Returning the follow.
    Thanks for hopping by!

  6. Hey, I'm Alana. I found you via the UBP 2011. I've been reading post after post and I love your writing style. Definitely following you! :)

    Visit me at

  7. Hi!
    I am sorry but I have to delete your entry on the Meet Me on Monday linky because you did not participate and post your questions and answers in your post!
    I would love to have you join so please come back once you have your Meet Me On Monday post completed!

  8. Newest GFC Follower returning the favor!

  9. Wow! You brought back the moving memories....or should I say...nightmares! We moved 6 times in our first 12 years of marriage...and we aren't a military family. I didn't sign up for that! lol
    I'm really loving your blog! Found it on Ultimate Blog Hop. I have older kids too so I know I will be able to identify with you. I'm following you now. Stop by and visit me...maybe follow if you like what you see. ;)


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