Monday, April 25, 2011

Let's get this move on the road...

First truck has been loaded... and delivered...Bad news...:( it took 2 storage units and that was only half of our belongings....I was just standing there in awe that I actually have that much "CRAP" ...Now I know that someone needs to stop me...It took a 26ft truck...that took a whole lot of $$$ to move a whole bunch of who knows what....(meds time)

We have so much going on that we decided to haul my car back to NC and store it at a friends house...this will be easier on us when it comes time for the "real" moving day...My hubby is looking a bit confused..."Yes, dear that's where the car goes"...LOL (Poor guy is running on 3 hrs sleep and has to drive 9 hrs)..

Better him then me...I don't think me driving this down the interstate would have been a good idea...but it sure would have been entertaining....

We finally arrived 8.5 hours later...through 8 hrs of rain....and lots of $$$ in gas.... (and more anxiety meds) crap I should of been drinking the wine I brought the whole time...but than again the way I bounced around in that truck I would have been bouncing more than my back out of place...(glad you guys came with me...wasn't a bad ride for you was it??? ;-)

Oh I didn't mention it was also our "Anniversary" hubby provides me with such adventure...but we did manage to get a nice little dinner in (we dressed for the occasion...not)...neither one of us lasted very long...The glass of wine about knocked me out...

So, lets move on to some fun stuff...House hunting...and I'm about to take you on the fun ride...NOTE TO SELF...When a realtor sends you pics be prepared for those houses to look noting like it..."Photoshop" should not be allowed...ha ha (the grass is never that green and lush)

Well, let's go...House #1...Not a fan of all that hardwood but that's just me...But just to point out a few things...look at the HEIGHT of the kitchen island...I'm only 5'1"...I would never be able to see over the!!! The master bedroom has blue stained carpet and would fit a queen bed but you might as well toss your night stands and dresser because they are not fitting...Oh the wallpaper (self explanatory) the deck and yard....

HOUSE #2...I have to REMEMBER we are I have to be open to smaller space living...Good thing I have my friend Roberta over at Contain it to help me with living large in smaller spaces...

 I have black appliances which would go perfect in this kitchen...guess I would have to store them in the garage...but otherwise there was nothing too wrong with this 3 bedroom house...Well when you are downsizing you have to take the good with the bad...

House #3...It is a very nice house with lots of room, sitting and 4 bedrooms...not much of a back yard and a cement slab....TOO BIG FOR ME!!! (My therapist would be so proud of me)...ha ha

Well who wouldn't ...But I couldn't even go in the house to take pics....I smelled the mold as soon as the front door was opened...and had to PASS!!!

House #5...Someone really liked wallpaper and border....I was going cross eyed in that kitchen....It would be a good place to would lose your appetite sitting in there...(do people still use wallpaper??) maybe I'm missing something...Oh I left out the best parts....the chewed corners of the cabinets and the holes in the carpet due to all the CATS with CLAWS!!! (that made for a bad allergy attack and house hunting was over) ...

Thanks for spending the day with me...and I'm sure all my creative friends are having some great  ideas brewing they would like to share and are ready to give me some advice & in-site on House #1, 2, 3, 4 and 5...

This was a quick summed up "Crazy" journey...Thanks for sharing it with me ;-)


  1. Thanks for coming by and putting the party button on your sidebar :) Hope that you're move is smooth and successful!

  2. Wow..skip the mold and the cats...RUN FOREST RUN! Looks like it's down to #1 or #2. I like the floors but what is up with that island? I also like the single level because I'm so over stairs...and so should you be...lmfao I'm gonna get tough...have you thought about SELLING your black appliances? Use the money for moving and MOVE ON and away from your IDEA of the perfect kitchen with black appliances. Heck in two years I went from black to stainless to long as they work that's all that matters. I'm sure all this moving isn't helping them...dings and such ;) Okay...I'm done! Just thought you might need a little I hear you on the does get expensive. We had two units when we first moved here and got rid of the second on asap! I had to bite the perverbial bullet and sell my favorite sofa and wing chairs ;{ The idea of a life with them was just a fantasy...not the real world that we are now living in. Hope this helps! Really do wish you all the best during this most difficult time. {hugs} Roberta


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