Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life as an Adult Student...

What was I thinking??? I ask myself that question everyday…I still have yet to find the right answer…going back to school at my age..uugghh!!! I am not on my game like I was many many years ago…I think my brain went on vaca some time ago and never came back…
So the smart one I am “NOT”…I decided to take 3 classes at once..Uhhh!! yeah!! Not so smart…If I can make it through the next 11 weeks I will be back down to 2 classes…woohoo…This is my 3rd time returning to school…YEP!! Glutton for punishment…But, I am finishing a degree I started a long time ago…I already have an Associates in BA and I’m finishing my Bachelors in BA in Human Resource Management…My other two are useless to me…I went to school got a degree and hated the field…Don’t you hate when that happens…I think I’ve been paying student loans forever!! And the rate I’m going I will be paying them until I’m 80… YIKES!!!
I am also studying for my HR Certification that is a BIG DEAL in HR…It’s an 11 week course with more studying than you can imagine in a short amount of time and a HUGE test I will either take the end of June and if not I have to wait until December…decisions…decisions…Can you say “Exhausted”…and I’m thinking of continuing on for my Masters…Not so sure!!!
I am confident that this will all pay off for me SOON…and if not I’m going off to a beautiful island and opening a bar on the beach and I am going to be an island bum!! ;)
This is what “Back to School” looks like…

Tell me what you're thinking???

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  1. I'm so very proud of you, Mama!! You chose to raise Adam and I instead of furthering your education at a younger age. For that I am forever grateful. You'll will shine in all you do, I just know it! Love you.


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