Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All them Crazy Cords...

We all have them...cords everywhere...I am getting ready to re-organize my home and it is going to take some time...What am I getting myself into??? Anyways...I was sitting at my desk today trying to figure out where I'm going to begin...I didn't have to think too hard all I had to do was look in the corner by my desk and the question was answered...Look at all them cords...

Well now that I figured out where to the heck do I clean that up and with what??? ideas are flying around in my head of different ways I could straighten out my cord situation...Ah Hah!!! Look what I found in my desk drawer...I knew they were here somewhere and one day I would use them...VELCRO STRAPS..

Off to the corner of the room I went...and I unplugged everything...and ran them all down the back of the desk and put one velcro strap around them all...On my desk I have my laptop, coffee warmer, my book external hard drive (for all these photos I take), mini photo scanner, phone and lamp...oh dear that seems like a lot...I have this handy USB unit and it has an opening on the side to run all the cords that run off my desk and down the it was very easy to organize...and strapped another velcro strap onto the leg of my desk in the back to keep all the cords in place...clever huh?? :)

I placed the surge protector in the back of the desk and replugged everything back in...The only cord that was hard to hide was the cord to my printer because it sits on another shelf and the USB plugs into my USB unit so all I have to do is plug in one USB cord if I want to print or back up to my external hard drive...

Now to the cords on the other side of my desk...that way too long extension cord and cable cords...I completely removed the extension cord and put it on another wall and the cable cord I can't move to get it to lay flat against the wall I took one of my colorful PAPER CLIPS opened it up and hooked it over the cable cord and used my letter opener and pushed the other end of the paper clip under the floor trim...and there you have it...

All the cords in the office are all nice and neat...It's always good to accomplish something you set out to do...Looks so much better...doesn't it???



  1. Okay I've got some zebra striped duck tape and I'm saving my toilet paper cores...cause I just loved this idea and have to try it ;)
    Then today Sandy posted even more great ideas:

    Pretty twisted...I know ;)

  2. Not twisted at all, Roberta!! I follow "Organize with Sandy" and saw that toilet paper cable cord holder...They are good to use for extra cords as well...I should start collecting them I have a box of cords in the laundry room if I think about it...And, only you would have zebra duck tape...LOL!!!

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