Monday, February 28, 2011

Add a Little Color...

As I venture on an organizational journey...I'm not going to do a challenge because I'm going to make this adventurous like everything I do...I have to much going on to commit to any daily challenges that would involve any kind of organizing...

I bought a cute little cabinet that my TV in my office sits on and I needed something to brighten up the darkness...I try to stick to the Green and Dark Brown theme in the office but sometimes you need to add a little color....So let's go add some CRAZY color...

Here's the spot we are going to brighten up...

Yep...It's a pretty boring empty hole...I can't really put anything heavy there because it will sit on the cable box...So now I'm thinking something light...with some room (so it doesn't look crowded) and colorful...hmmm let me think!!! Oh wait!! I have a 40% off coupon to Michael's of all places...~smiling all the way to the store~...Now let's think of some colors...

Well if I want colorful I have to think flowers... and with flowers you need a vase...and let's add some stones to the bottom of the vase to give it that something extra...Seeing how I can go overboard in Michael's I'm only going to get what I came for and venture no were else in the store...Wish me luck!!!

Ok....this is what I got....I still got Green flowers and added some Purple for that added color....a small round vase and some glass stones....what a deal...everything was on sale plus my coupon...I'm happy with $12.50...I was smiling the whole way home...and, I stayed within my budget...even better yet :)

Let's get decorating...the first thing I need to do is cut the stems of the flowers so they fit in the vase...If you are going to attempt this...GET SOME WIRE CUTTERS!!!! I was too lazy to walk to the basement to get them and there goes my good titanium scissors....So much for saving money at Michael's ~Sad Face~

Dang!! Don't you hate when that happens...Let's move on...I'll have to find some wire cutters but let's get them stones in that vase...It might lower my level of irritability...Lesson here...don't be lazy!!!

The stones brighten up the glass vase gives it just enough light and sparkle...good choice..Don't you think??? Ok!!! flowers are cut let's see how they look in the vase...

Love...Love...Love the colors!!!! Other then the minor mishap with the scissors I am happy with my choices I made for my "Crazy lil" flower arrangement...Now let's put it in the space I made it for...


PERFECT!!! I am loving it :)...DON'T YOU.????



  1. Love those colors...chartreuse green is one of my favorites ;) I see that you are linked up with 528...recognized those legs in the link However, it doesn't bring you to your photo of your just comes right back to your blog so wasnt' sure if you needed to fix it...good luck!

  2. Thanks, Roberta! I have to figure all this blog stuff out...until I do...I'm not doing anymore links...I will get it one day..hopefully soon ;)

  3. Denyse, yes the flowers made that space pretty! Really appreciate you sharing this great post with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.


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