Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hundreds of Pieces....

Let's me say first of all that I do over-exaggerate...It's just like me to be a Drama Queen...If I say it's 20 ft long chances are it's only 6 inches...If I say it's HUGE it's probably not...and If I say "Hundreds of Pieces"...it's more like 25ish...But, you get what I'm saying...RIGHT???

Well let me take you on my not so adventurous one disaster after another cabinet catastrophe...My master bath is pretty big (no seriously it is big) for the size of our downsized home and the toilet sits back in a cubby and there is a whole lot of useless wall space....

I was thinking an over the toilet cabinet or shelve would look great...So off on my search I went and found one online I really like...It will utilize alot of space in that corner...

Ordered it and 2 days later I have my wall unit...and as excited and impatient as I get it was time to rip that sucker open and get to work...All I have to say is "HOLY HUNDRED PIECES"...now remember I am putting this together all by myself!!!

1) The wood pieces 2) All the nuts and bolts 3) pages and pages of directions (you can see what the unit will look like) I hope...4) Good thing each piece is numbered...WHEW!!!!

Now, to gather all my tools (I love power tools)...

Let the fun begin...I was on a roll...I had the shelf built in no time...All I had left was putting the back on and the front doors..and BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That suck fell straight down and busted in hundreds of pieces...

Needless to say I just stood there with a shocked dumb-founded look on my face...I honestly don't think a spoke a word for about 5 mins...I COULD NOT believe that just happened...I thought holy crap I just busted that sucker up and wasted $$$$...But, I'm still not that mad!!!!

OK!!! Now I'm mad....

And, Noooo that piece would not stayed glued...so I guess on the bright side it is on the side and you can't see it....

Now I'm even madder....I know I need my nails done but that cracked nail hurts like the dickens...(sorry not a good pic but it goes all the way across)

Oh...don't worry this is not the end of this disaster...I got that shelf put back together and dang gang it (my crazy lingo)...I put the top of the unit on upside down....UUUGGGHHHH!!!

Now to top it all off the battery died in the cordless...Are you flippin kidding me???? I'm not going to finish this cabinet by manually screwing the screws...No Darn Way!!!! ( nice piece of corner missing...isn't it??) Grr....

I guess I need to charge that battery and take a much needed break before I lose the rest of my mind...

I put the front drawer together with the screwdriver and than just waited about an hour and I'm back in business....

Well 6 hours later and I'm finally done...Are you ready???


You wouldn't even know that sucker fell and busted in hundreds of pieces...Just don't get too close...LOL!!!

Seriously you can't tell...A couple broken dowels and screws and it still looks good...ppsstttt-hubby might have to screw it to the wall...(not very sturdy)... :(

Doesn't it make the bare cubby look great??? (no more cabinet building for me) EVER....

I hope not!


  1. OMG...I'm laughing so hard that I might wet my pants...roflmao
    YES I've had plenty of building/hanging/assembly out-takes like yours. I'm just thinkin' as I'm wipin' my eyes...she wasn't too mad if she thought to grab the camera and snap a photo...lol
    Oh boy...good job! I thought after you got it all together that perhaps it wasn't gonna fit...lol THANK goodness that didn't happen! YES have DH secure it to the wall...you don't want it to come crashing down on you while sittin' on the thrown. It does look much better afterwards...thanks for the laugh!

  2. Looks great and thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Denise great job, I don't know if I could have done it!! Ha!

    Art by Karena

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