Saturday, May 28, 2011

10 More Days....

After being without my hubby for almost a month...being sick with my ears (which is not better)...staying at a dear friends house...I'm 10 days away from moving into our new home...It still seems so far away...It makes it hard to blog when all you do is lay around and don't have your things (not to mention being sick)...

I didn't want anyone to think I fell off the face of the earth so I needed to blog about something...I actually miss blogging and chatting with other blog friends...(I'm such a bad blogger)...I am working on a project but you will have to wait until it's done :)

So in the meantime I thought I would give you a tour of our new home...(I welcome any thoughts or ideas)...

I really really really wish it had a front porch....(truck is not ours)....and the BIG rock is covering the well pump...never had well water so I'm a bit nervous...

Well let's go inside before I go on and on about what I would change about the outside (are we ever happy???...LOL)... This is a downsize for us from 2400 sq ft to about 1400 sq ft...So come on in!!

This is standing in the entrance looking into the living room...Love the stone fireplace (wish the mantle was bigger)...Maybe I'll paint it...How will my stuff ever fit..I guess it will be really time to purge...

Opposite the living room is the dining room...

Now on to the's the smallest kitchen I have ever had so this will be the real challenge to see how will I can do BIG things with small spaces...

NOT a fan of the white appliances...I have a black fridge (I just bought a little over a yr ago - crying) and microwave but it really won't go too well with the white stove and will definitely be a challenge figuring out where to put all my kitchen things...(head slap) .. I can do this!!! (or so I keep telling myself)

OK!! Let's move to the master bed and bath...

 If anyone has had those awful lights in their bathroom then you know how ugly they really are...but I've changed them before and I can change them again ;-)

It was hard for me to get pictures of the other 2 bedrooms...they look super super little in the photos I did get...I'll try again next week when I get the keys (which will be in 6 days)...

Here's the 2nd bath...(with another ugly light fixture)

The deck on the back of the house is really big (well until I try to fit all my patio furniture on it) and a big backyard with a fire pit....

I hope you enjoyed the tour and I look forward to having lots of before & after pics...Which we ALL love!!! It will also be an "adventure" to watch me purge...and if you know me or been following "My Crazy Beautiful Life" than you will know that DOES NOT come easy for me :-)


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  1. This is really such a sweet little house and I love the yard and deck where you'll have so many intimate evenings with DY ;) The house is very cute and laid out very well for the size. Love the NO stairs The kitchen is small but you'll adjust and you can always store extra stuff in the garage. You can be like the extreme coupon ladies and store your stash I'm sure that you will have fun setting it all up and making it your home very soon ;)


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