Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why I Blog…

When I started blogging in January 2011 it was a way for me to spend some time to myself…I am a wife…mother…and full-time student and I needed to find an outlet that would keep me sane…I have a dear friend, Roberta @ Con*tain*it that has blogged for years and I would read all the fantastic topics she would blog about (yes I’m envious)…I thought to myself what a great way to share my “crazy” life… I am always redecorating my house, organizing and being creative in the spare time I manage to find… I am also an artist and have yet to share my work on my blog yet (I better get going)…I blog about family, crazy times, friends, home décor, organizing, life’s stressors and anything else that gives me joy to talk about…it’s like talking to a therapist but not paying for it and I get such wonderful advice, ideas and encouragement from other blog friends…

Here's a sneak peak of some of my art...

I spend most of my days in my home office and with my desk facing the window it allows me to see the outdoors (love being outdoors)…As I sit, and at times stare out the window all kinds of ideas swirl in my head…This is my favorite place to be (well besides my bedroom)..

I keep several journals that I use for ideas and decorating books…I also follow several great blogs that I read daily…I search online for ideas and inspiration and not to mention the many magazines and books I read…

It all gets so exciting sometimes I just don’t know where to begin…I wish I had time to do it ALL
I want to paint, create, decorate, design, organize…oh heck!! I want to re-do my whole house…If I had more time in a day and $$$$ I would be living in happy land…LOL (wouldn’t we all)…OK!! Back to reality…I guess if I was able to do it all I would run out of things to blog about (is that even possible)..not for me..I like to talk Smile
I keep my camera with me at all times because you never know when a “blog” moment might happen…it makes my hubby laugh when I take the craziest pictures… but hey I never claimed to be sane..hehe…The world is full of inspiration so why not capture and share it!!!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my “Crazy Beautiful Life”…I am inspired by others and I hope that I’m able to share some of that encouragement back…If you haven’t yet…I would love for you to visit and follow my journey…and remember…




  1. Found you through the Blog Guidebook link...loved reading why you blog. I feel the same way..wish I could do it all and then some. Great artwork! I'll be back, enjoy your day and happy blogging!

  2. Great Post...and so glad that you are as inspired to blog as I am...and that you are sharing the blog linking love ;) I blog simply because...I have to! I blog for me first because I learned a long time ago that if you blog with other intentions then you will soon be dissappointed. Like you...I think its therapy in that it validates you. Something everyone needs and even more so when you have major life changes (like we've had ;)
    So glad that you are sharing your know that it's one of my main passions. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! {hugs} Roberta

  3. Awesome post! We'd love it if you'd add a link to the party on your post so others can join too! Thanks and keep blogging!

  4. Nice post (and nice paintings!) I always like to learn more about fellow bloggers. I started blogging so I would have an easy way to share photos with friends and family, who live all over the place; as a diary and record of the things I like and do; and as a challenge for myself, to see if I could write something every day. I am really enjoying being part of the blogging community, I have met nothing but friendly people so far!

  5. I'm finally catching up on Wandering Wednesday's Blog Hop and have followed you via GFC.
    Happy Mother's Day! :-)

  6. Hi! first of all thank you for the super sweet comment you left on my blog! Totally made my night! I am here to look around, and I am intrigued so far :) Love your name! "crazy"...ah ha love life sure is crazy too..but a good crazy! Hope you have a lovely night!

  7. Hi visiting from the Blog Guide Book, love your art work, and enjoyed hearing about your space, thanks for posting.

  8. Hello- came to visit from the linky party! Why do I blog? Well, was there life before blogging? Isn't it a little like breathing- you really can't stop?

  9. I finally posted for this linky party......thanks fro sharing why you love to blog.....I did forget how much I love to take and share pictures now that I blog......thanks for reminding me.

  10. I love the reasons why you blog! And your art is amazing! I found you via the Where's Your Blog Spot party and am happy to be your newest follower! I'd love a visit back at! :)

  11. My husband thinks I'm nuts with the camera by my side at all times too! LOL
    I would love to have you link up with my Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope to see you there!
    The Chicken Chick

    1. I always get "The Look" when we go somewhere and I pull out my camera...LOL


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