Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quick Note...

I wanted to tell everyone I am still here...Just hang in there...I'm still under the weather with my ears and we will be moving into our new home on Sunday...woohoo

I'm sure my friends I'm staying with will be so happy for me to leave...nahhh!!! I've been keeping their house cleaned...I think they will miss me ;)

I can't wait to get decorating and share all my CRAZINESS with you...I've been working on a few things but I'm having some difficulty finding a vinyl monogram letter but when I do I will finish my project and you will be the first ones I share it with...

So for now me and Mocha (my grand-dog)...want to say a BIG "Thank-you" for hanging in there and supporting me!!! (It really does mean a-lot)



  1. Soon...very soon...you'll be in your own place and somewhat out of limbo ;) Looking forward to see your new home all set up...knowing you it'll be done in a day...lol Just take your time and enjoy the process!

  2. Thanks, Roberta!! I can't wait for this weekend...I will finally be home!!!


I read and appreciate every comment... I will ALWAYS answer questions and do my best to reply to every comment...but make sure your email is enabled on your profile (without your e-mail I can't "Thank-You" for your kind words...Thanks for visiting :-)


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