Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monogram Plate...

Finding things for the top of kitchen cabinets can sometimes be a chore...You either don't have enough up there or you have too much...Especially when you have cathedral ceilings it always looks like a lot of empty space....I wish I had the right answer but I am still searching ;-)

I have seen some with decorative plates across that the top that looks really cute...After my search for decorative plates I have come to determine that they are WAYYYYY TOOOO Expensive for my budget right now....But, don't worry I'm not giving up yet!!!!

I found this "groovy" little number at habitat for humanity and for the low low price of .75...Perrrfecttt!!! Now it really doesn't matter if I make a total disaster out of it...hehe (I should of took a picture before I drew the lines...that my friends is called No PATIENCE)

 My kitchen theme is "Wine" (who doesn't love wine...hehe) and the colors are Greens, Plums and Tans...

After I drew some lines for the placement of colors...I was thinking a monogram "L" would be perfect in the middle...

Well time to get the can of primer and get started...

I am so excited that the lines showed through the primer...It makes painting so much easier...Now mind you this is my first attempt at painting a plate...so this could be a big fat FAIL!!!

I took some craft paint (I already have tons) and painted the individual squares...I have these small flowers, so I decided to use them up in the corner by the monogram....

I just took these itty bitty double sided squares and attached them on the backs of the flowers to stick on the plate....

Are you ready for the BIG reveal???? (drum roll please)
Taaaaa Daaaa............

Well it's not my best work but I think it will go well on the cabinet...Don't you think????

I must have moved everything on the cabinets about 500 times (ok maybe a little exaggerant) ( psst: I even broke a vase...uugghh)....and I am still trying to find the right look...I am OPEN to any and ALL suggestions.....

So here is the before & after we all love to see!!!

Total cost .75...How could you not like it??? Now to figure out to do with the other plate I bought...I'll have to go think on that one for awhile!!!



  1. Love the plate but I think you should go "big" or go home...lol Where are all of your paintings? I think you should be putting at least one of these up there especially over the first set of long double cabinet doors...ya know next to the refrigerator doors. AND what's up with the wine rack on top of the refrigerator? PUT it up on top of the cabinets as well. You could even use the rack to prop up one of your paintings ;) Do you have any scroll/iron works to hand on the wall above the cabinets or some chunky candlesticks with orbs and not just candles that you can't light? Here's some visual aides...hope this helps ;)

  2. I love the plate. And it looks perfect with the wine bottles. I agree with Roberta's suggestions. My eye wasn't about what was/ wasn't ON the cabinets, but the wall space BEHIND. This is a canvas begging for your creative talent. My first thought was a scripted quote about wine and life. stenciled in the open space.


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