Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let's try this again...

It's a good thing I know how to take peoples advice...It makes me a better decorator (or so I first venture in my new home has been the top of my kitchen cabinets...It's been a bit challenging with cathedral ceilings...It is called TOO MUCH WALL!!!!

This is what I started with...

Seeeeee I told you it was too much wall...

Then I did my attempt at decorating it after I made my monogram plate....And, listening to some advice from some "GREAT" blog followers I decided to make some changes....(I'm actually trying to listen to corrective criticism ;-))

One of my dear readers suggested I put some of my artwork up on the wall...I have the perfect piece to put up there but I'm not finished with it...Off I went to my stash (that would be the crap in the garage) and dig through what I had...I really was hoping to find something that would go with the decor...I found these two pieces....(wine bottle & glass is temporary)..even I'm not a fan of some of my work...haha

Meet Tiffany ;-)

I did not want to hang them on the wall until I really knew how they would work...

I'm still thinking it's ALL WRONGGGGG!!! ~headslap~

Another wonderful reader suggested a scripted quote...which is a Crazy wonderful idea...If I could get one really really BIG...

EVERYTHING OFF the cabinets time to start all over!!!!!!!!! (Think Denyse, Think) and YES!! I talk to myself all the time...LOL

I can't seem to find some wording that is big enough to fill the big wall space...Now I'm thinking mirror...I love mirrors..they make small spaces look bigger...(like I need to make that wall look bigger...haha)

Off to do some "thrift" shopping and see what I can find to utilize that space!!!

I found a few things so I have to make due with what I have around the house along with my good deals...

Dry flowers & grass (Micheals 2.00)..UGLY lamp (consignment one 11.50) We all need an ugly
Candle holders & Candles (Tuesday Morning 15.75) Mirror (TJ Maxx 17.99) and Wine Box (Habitat for Humanity 2.50) for a total of 49.74...WOO HOO .26 cents under budget

Now to put it all together with the items I already have...Let's see what I can do...I added dry flowers to the vase and the candle sticks...And let me tell you hanging that mirror by my 5'1" self standing on the counter was pretty darn scary...Oh yeah!! I have a glass top stove so I couldn't stand on that...(I'll let you vision that...haha)

Some more dry flowers...the UGLY lamp and wine box....I must have moved these things around about 500 times...(OK exaggerating a little) but it felt like it...LOL

Here ya have it....the 3 phases of the kitchen cabinets with too much WALL!!!

And, YES!!! (Roberta) my wine rack is on the fridge...How will I reach it to drink if it's on the cabinets...LOL

Here's the final Before & After...

(Once I finish one of the paintings I'm working on it will replace the wine picture...stay tuned)

Time to work on another kitchen wall...I'm painting a 24 x 36 canvas...these TALLLL walls are making me CRAZY!!!



  1. It's getting better...but still too many "little" the wine bottles and the vase int he middle. They take away from your artwork which should be the focus ;) I prefer your artwork much more that the wine accessories that you purchases...sorry...just have to be honest with you girl!!! I'd rather see the lamp next to the vase on the left with the two wine bottles and remove the smaller wine artwork. Then over to the right stack the candlesticks next to the vase...and that's it. THEN place your monogram plate and perhaps the wine "box" under the need some white space so that your eyes know where to land. Hope this helps and as you know my opinion is just that mine and you don't have to listen to a damn thing I have to

  2. hello! new follower from boost your blog hop!

    we have the longest narrow living room, it took 6 mos to finally figure out put a huge tv kittycorner and the couches along 2 walls LOL

    come say hi

  3. What a cute blog design. I love how you spell your name!! I wouldn't mind my name so much if it was spelled different. New follower from Boost My Blog. I hope you will follow me back I can be found in facebook too and twitter @DeniseLillaRose If you like/follow me there I will do the same for you. When you stop by my blog, please check out my kind of fashion (hair jewelry).

  4. Now how do you keep that stuff from getting kind of ucky in the kitchen?

  5. It's easy Christa!!! You move ;-) ...LOL

    We don't live there anymore and I don't have room like that on my cabinets in the new house. But, I did have to climb up there once a month and wipe it down. It looked nice but was a pain.


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