Thursday, June 30, 2011

Welcome to the Oasis...

We have dubbed our home the "OASIS"...Where we slip on down to with our friends in low places...(haha..sorry I had to go there)...I know DORK!!!

No! Really it's where I relax with friends...and it's a definite work in progress...maybe by the time we get it the way we want will turn into our retirement home...LOL

If you read the last post "Don't build me a bridge"...than you know we built a Pergola in our backyard...

Now it's time to dress it up and make it inviting....I'm thinking some outdoor curtains (off to bed & bath)...some lighting (we have an outdoor chandelier)...and some furniture (I have lots of patio furniture)....

Outdoor curtains...check...(too expensive to do the whole thing right now)...hooks to hang chandelier and tie backs...check...chandelier...check...outdoor curtain rods...check...ribbon to tie back curtains...check....

I just love the curtains...too bad they are so darn expensive...the front of the pergola is going to have to wait for curtains....(sad face)...It's OK...I love it anyways....

As you can see in the first photo I had two cast iron rockers with cushions sitting in the yard that I already pictured under the pergola...but it needed something else...Welllll, while I was at target they have all their outdoor furniture on clearance and I picked up a wicker love seat/with cushion for $124.00 that was originally $249.00...I already had some extra throw pillows and tossed them on the love seat for color...

Are you ready???



We are going to eventually put in stone under and around the pergola...that might be next years "BIG" project...I can't wait to just sit back with a glass of wine and relax...


(wow my calf looks huge...bad

I will have to figure out this skeeter thing...but I still plan on enjoying our Oasis...

Now a Before & After...

I hope you enjoyed our home as much as I enjoy sharing it with you...

(That is skeeter free I hope)


  1. Love your "Outside room",,,,I have dubbed our seating area off the side of our house that! It is one of our favorite places to be,,,complete with fireplace and comfy chairs. It is similar to yours as it is a pergola too. I like the idea of the curtains,,,what material are they? They just add some nice texture...great area!! I will have to get busy and post some of our yard too. Enjoy the summer

  2. We spray bug fogger in the grass it works for 3 days. Ours are really bad and dont go outside unless I spray. Love your oasis!

  3. Looks great...another affordable alternative for curtains are "drop cloths"...they look really good hung as curtains and lots of bloggers/DIY ladies have shown them off as furniture covers as well. If you can's sew a seam then you can always hammer grommets into them to hang them as well. Also, IKEA has really inexpesive fabric and curtains so you might want to check them out as well. I have no tips for the mosquitos because they bug me as well and I swell up like a balloon when I get bit. What a great price on the love seat!

  4. that look great! we are about to rebuild ours and I hope it turns out like yours! cute idea with the curtains too!

  5. I'm loving the pergola! The chandelier is my favorite part!

  6. That looks really nice! I love what you did with it!

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