Monday, November 21, 2011

Myth of the Sock Curls

I don't usually believe something works until I try it...or unless I know you and you have tried it...

WELL...the new hair craze is sock curls...And seeing how I love to try different things to my hair except cut it...and curling it can be a pain because it is so long...I thought I would check more into this GREAT new way to curl your hair....And look at all the beautiful pics of hair that has been supposedly curled with socks...

Aren't they beautiful??? Why wouldn't anyone with long hair NOT want to do this???

I know I do...I have really long hair...SEE...

It would look great with nice lose curls...but before I take you on my sock curls are a few of my most recent hairstyles...Not much you can do with long hair...

My new fringe (bangs)

Some Pink for Breast Cancer Month (October)

My new dark do for the winter

I'm sure you get the idea of how much I love to do my hair...

Here's the TRUTH about sock curls!!!!

They work for (plug your ears) shit!!!!

Yep!! I just cussed on my blog...but you know it's irritating when you see something that is all over the internet and all over PINTEREST...You would think it works...

Well I'm here to tell you it DOES NOT!!!

I've done the sock bun...

I've done the head band...

I've even done the sock rolls...

I can assure you that I did not get any of these...

But, I did get this and before I show you...let me warn you...


Are you ready???





What on God's green earth am I suppose to do with this...I look like BOZO the clown and I have a 1/2 hour to do my make-up and tame this hair down...

Note to self: NEVER EVER do this again!!!

I wanted curls I sure as crap got them....and I do not have the time to wash...dry and style my I pulled out my spray bottle and sprayed water on it and just combed until the curls started to relax...

This is much better...

I learned a lesson here...

1) Do not try something new on a work/school night
2) Do not believe everything you see online
3) If it looks to good to be true it probably is


4) Forget curling my hair with socks....LOL



  1. lmfao...oh Bozzo ;} Wow...that's hilarious! The sock "curlers" remind me of rag curls that we use to do when we were kids and you did end up with LOTS of curls like your look ;} I've done the sock bun and my hair came out great...just did it a week hair is a bit short though and I ended up with a crimp mark from the ponytail...but all in all I liked the end result. Too funny!

  2. Hmmmm....this is the first I am hearing of this...sock curls? Hilarious!

  3. The sock bun curl worked perfectly for me! I followed that tutorial for it though. I have done the smaller curls and gotten "fail" results like you did too. But try that tutorial bc it really did work for me!

  4. I had to wonder if that really worked when I saw it. But honestly, once you sprayed the water on the curls, they looked awesome!

  5. I'm so sorry that this happened to you, but it made me laugh out loud when I saw the outcome. I think it had more to do with the facial expression than anything. I've not heard of sock curls, but I will stay far, far away!

  6. It looks like you used too many socks. That makes the curls smaller and tighter, like using a smaller curling iron. I recently tried sock curls and used 5 socks total and my hair came out exactly how I wanted it - loose, pretty curls.

    Like someone else said, your hair looks GORGEOUS after you sprayed it down.

  7. I have never tried the sock curl method. However I have tried sock bun curls and they come out great! there are tutorials on youtube.

    I would recommend only one or two sock buns to get the looser curl look and use gel and hair spray. Also, make sure your hair is damp and combed before you roll it up. To get rid of ponytail dents i bend my head over and roll it up. The bun is looser at the scalp but still curls. Don't get discouraged, experimentation is a great way to figure out the best method for you: )

  8. I curl my hair with socks all the time and they come out different each time but I always LOVE them!! I never do mine wet though...and if you want looser curls like the first pic on the left...try adding heat and then roll your hair. Also use less socks.
    I love this method...I can sleep with the socks in my hair and snatch them out quickly in the a.m.

  9. Next time you don't want to roll it right up to your scalp, and with 4 or 5 socks is more than enough. I followed this method last night for my daughter and got spectacular results:

  10. Well babe I tried the sock bun technique and it is 100 % effective with beautiful results . Maybe its not for your hair. ;)

  11. Thats crazy! When I do sock curls they turn out great every time.

  12. Thats crazy! When I do sock curls they turn out great every time.

  13. Thats crazy! When I do sock curls they turn out great every time.

  14. Thats crazy! When I do sock curls they turn out great every time.

  15. You've used too many socks. You only need four or five, and don't roll them all the way to your scalp to achieve loose curls.


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