Friday, March 25, 2011

Love my "Jo Tote"...

I just love coming home from a trip and having packages J

We all know I LOVE taking pictures and we all know I LOVE totes (if you didn’t …Now you do)…Hmmm!!! What should we talk about first??? My love of pictures or my addiction to totes…Let’s talk TOTES (clapping)

My new one just happens to be a new “Tote” for my “Camera(s)”…Yep! That was a camera with an “s” on the end…I have more than one…I have my SLR that makes me look professional…PSSTTT (no clue how to work it…to be honest) and I have my new Canon PowerShot SX 210 my hubby bought me for my birthday…Great lil camera to carry everywhere with me…I’m always snapping pics and my lil camera is always handy…I might look a bit funny pulling out a big camera with a big lens (not very conspicuous) now is it…LOL

Oh MY BAD…back to the tote…(I get easily side tracked)…Where was I??? Oh yeah!! My special delivery package…I won’t make you wait any longer…Here it is…My “JO TOTE” Camera Bag

I was so excited when I got it in the mail...I've waited for this camera tote for months..(Happy Birthday to me)...well not really but sounds good when I try to rationalize my purchase to the hubby...hehe

It is so much more fashionable than the old one...don't you think???

I do have to say this before I forget...the bag is very soft (incredible leather)...(I am not a spokesperson for JoTotes) just a very pleased customer!!!

Now to pull out my camera and lenses that I have no idea how to use...there is so much I could do with my SLR that I wish I had time to learn or someone to show me all the wonderful things I could do with it...

I would have all my camera equipment in this camera bag and have to carry it along with my purse whenever we went somewhere and I wanted to take nice photos...the nice thing about the old camera bag is that it has a cover to put over the bag to protect it from rain...but can you say "So NOT a fashion statement"..
Ahhhh!!! This is much better...I not only fit my camera and all three (3) lenses I also fit my Canon PowerShot cell wallet and I have room for a few more things....this is Crazy Beautiful!!!



  1. I love that tote!!

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    Krissy @ Mommy Misc

  2. Oh my...I'm so jealous ;) I've seen these totes for a while now but I don't have a big camera or lenses so don't see that happening (any time soon that is ;) Love how it has room for your camera that, like you said, it doesn't look like an ugly camera bag. Now maybe that you can your camera with will use it more. Do you know that Wolf Camera has classes and they are pretty cheap. Might as well enjoy what you do and have. I'm more about having less things and paying more for them for the quality than about having a lot of STUFF.

  3. I've been eyeing this bag for months...and really didn't want to spend the money...but you get what you pay for and I wanted something fashionable that was of good quality...One good quality bag is worth the price of 5 cheap bags and a waste of money in the long run...So it might of been on the high-end now but it will be so worth it down the road ;) - Yes! Roberta maybe now I will use my camera that I've had for 2 yrs...LOL

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  5. I'm glad you posted this - I REALLY need a SLR bag (been using a camcorder bag). This brand was new to me. I like! Yes, fashionable :) I too loves bags.

  6. That is a beautiful tote. I love the green leather. I have a daughter who has a bag that looks like your old bag. She has a birthday in August, maybe a gift is coming. Thanks for the name of the tote shop. Visiting from SITS.

    1. I'm glad you love the bag, Sheila! The tote is wonderful, I have no idea what I would do without it. Best purchase I have ever made.

  7. That's a very stylish way to carry a camera. I don't have anything that nice, but my camera is just a little point and shoot. Found you through the Thursday Obsession Linkup.

  8. I'm on the hunt for a bag. i just got my first DSLR and was asking some ladies on Instagram what they carry. This is beautiful!!! I'm anxious to hear over the next week or so, what you think. Feel free to email me an update!
    *Thursday Obsession Linkup


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