Monday, March 7, 2011

Desk Makeover....

So much for me trying to blog everyday...OK!! I know!! I'm not super woman...But, a girl can try can't she ;)..

I completed my desk makeover and it took longer than I thougt it would..I actually re-did the whole wall...I have been living in my office the past couple months taking classes and getting settled in after the move...I was settled in and what I mean by being settled in...I put things away just so I can feel at home and not deal with a house full of boxes...Well!!! Now that I have had time (or so I think I do) it's time to get things the way I really want them...Starting with this mess...Enter at your own risk!!!!
I did NOT realize it was so bad until I walked in the room after being laid up with my neck and thought "Holy Crap" I'm going back to bed...(insert head slap here)...

I sat across the room....(in that awful Papason chair) and sketched how I would like the room to look...figured out what I would need to accomplish this headache of a challenge...and off to the store I went..that was a long day of shopping to find the right things I would have been happy with...But, I did it!!!

So, let's get going...I started with the desk drawers...They weren't too bad just need to clean them out and only keep what I needed...

This was an inexpensive fix...the drawer is pretty is for a keyboard but since I have a laptop I use it as an extra drawer..I keep the things I need the most in know (checkbook, bills, stamps, etc..)...I bought two file sorters and they fit perfect in the drawer....Now things won't slide around and it's organized by my needs...

Here's another side drawer...I have two of them in my desk and they are about the same...they both have drawer sorters in them and I do keep them pretty clean I just got rid of some un-necessary things...
Let's open the door in the desk....I don't have a CPU so I toss whatever I don't have a place for..mainly envelopes, note pads, a few computer cleaning supplies...I just pulled it all out and figured that it's such a big space that I was able to fit a 3 drawer organizer in there...Now there is a place for the envelpes, note pads, and I can get my vitamins and lotion off the top of my desk...and there is plenty more space if I needed room for something else...(hmmmmm ~thinking~)...LOL
On to the dredded file drawer...I DO NOT like when things are mixed matched or look a mess and my file drawer was both...I took care of both those situations...I found some cute hanging file and folders at Wal-mart...I stuck with neutral colors because it goes well with the decor in the office and the over all feel of the room....Let's get going, empty out and clean some paperwork....(Grab the label maker on your way)...

All clean and organized...I got rid of paperwork that I might have looked for at one time and thought I lost do that often...My hubby likes to say, "Way to be organized, Denyse"...How do you respond to that..."I DON'T"...hahaha

Desk is all cleaned out now on to some fun stuff....I removed everything off the top of my desk...I wanted to have everything excessible that I do use daily but I needed room to get rid of the clutter feeling...I have a nice pen holder that also hold bills...but I don't like my bills sitting out on my desk (irritates me to look at them..;)) ...Plus, I have them in my desk drawer now with all the things I need to pay them monthly evils...But, anyways!! I no longer needed the pencil/organizer holder..

I had already gone to all the stores I need to go to and bought what I need so now I need to find something to stick my pens in...Ah Hah!!! I found a vase and grabbed some of the adorable ribbon I bought (Michael's .50) and now take a look at my new pen holder...
Gotta Love a hot glue gun!!! I just took 3 different size ribbons of colors I liked together and tied them around the vase...

I put everything back together...You can see the TV and stand...the only thing I added there was my yearbooks to the bottom shelf...the desk is organized with my journals, books and items I use daily...I did buy a beautiful picture for the wall on the side of the window to give some warmth and elegance to the room...

Here's the final makeover...One wall down....Three more to go in the office...and I can move on to another room...What did I get myself into????



  1. Much I can relax knowing that your desk is clutter free ;) Yep you had too much stuff on top need space to I agree...stash those bills far, far away and only look at them once a month when you have to pay them. I guess you are feeling better since you tackled your office/desk? Don't sweat it about blogging have to have the weekends off so you can get re-booted and get your inspiration...let alone rest ;)

  2. Good job! Love the ribbons on the jar too. Thanks so much for sharing it with my readers also on my Organizing Mission Monday link party! Feel free to pick up my button on the sidebar too.


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