Thursday, March 14, 2013

Clean your oven!

Have you ever just took a look in your oven and just started shaking your head?

Clean Oven

We all know I just moved a month ago and if you didn't know you do now. :-) 

One of my gross surprises was when I opened the oven. And, I'm pretty sure that this has been in there a while. That ewww was baked in there like toothpaste in a sink. You know the kind that takes a jackhammer to get it off. 

Don't feel left out, you all know I like to share. So here ya go....

Clean Oven

Yeah! Kind of gross, huh??

But, don't worry I got this as long as I have this...

Get Clean Scour Off

It's my Shakelee paste. I use it for everything and I honestly have to say it is the best stuff ever. Even my bathtubs are squeaky clean. All I use is a damp cloth and the paste...easy peasy!

Here's the proof, you be the judge?

Good thing I don't bake, now it will always be shiny and new...LOL

So don't stress out and want to run out and by a new stove when you see something so shocking. It doesn't work anyways...the Mr. said, "No". Ha-Ha

Just get yourself some of this miracle cleaner.

And, you will be a happy camper!

Design your life with a little SPARKLE!

** I have not been paid or compensated for my post today. This has been my own personal experience and review. And, if it was crap I would be the first one to say so. LOL
If you are interested in Shakelee click here.  

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  1. Wow - that really worked well! I had a bit of an oven accident recently and now it's looking less than spectacular.

  2. Wow, I am impressed! My biggest hassle is getting the window on the door clean. I was so excited when I got a new oven and the window was clear....didn't last long :(

  3. I LOVE Shaklee and I love Scour off paste! I use Scour off everywhere in my home sinks, bathtubs, oven, and on my baking sheets when there is stuck on grime! My favorite is safe and non toxic for you and your family! Awesome!

  4. where do you find it? i had a terrible accident with oven cleaner once - it burned my skin on 3 places (even though i had on gloves) - still have the scars. it was a terrible feeling - my skin was seriously burning off. i can still remember the pain. ouch! would love to know. thanks. ( :

  5. Hi, Visiting via blog hop! That oven looks great!! I wonder if it would do mind that good! I have the glass and it is really stained.

    1. Hi Margaret! It won't hurt the glass and it will work. I use to have a glass top stop and it cleaned it nicely and didn't scratch.

  6. LOVE Shaklee products. I use them in my home, as well. Just dropping from a Pinterest Party, to "meet" you!! :) Glad I stopped by!

  7. Wow Denyse! It looks brand new! =) I have been wanting to take the Shaklee plunge for a while now and just have been putting it off.... This definitely sold me!


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