Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dining Room to Office

If you follow me then you know I have struggled with leaving my dining room alone or changing into my home office.
If you are new then you can read about it HERE.

After much consideration I have decided to GO FOR IT!!

If I waited for the perfect time…It would never get done!
If I waited for new furniture…I would be waiting awhile!

Since I can’t afford new furniture and I do not feel comfortable staining or painting certain pieces of furniture, I am just going to make this work. My wood selection in my house is kind of like the coat of many colors, but it’s the wood of many colors here at mi casa!!!

Moving furniture around is really going o mix up the wood situation in this house. But, it’s OK! That’s what happens in “My Crazy Beautiful Life”.

So let’s start off with a tour of what it looks like now…

Dining Room

The room is full of oak furniture. (I know it's so 2000 - When I had it made)

(View from Kitchen)

(View from front Entrance)

(View from the living room)


The furniture is dark cherry & black. (My attempt to modernize...LOL)

 (View from the living room)

(View from front entrance)

Now that you have seen the two rooms I will be moving around...Let's go grab a desk and see how it looks...

I think this may work...What's the worst that could happen??? I rearrange the house and my hubby has to put it all back the way it was...LOL...Like that has not happened before ;-)

Don't you just love my desk chair? I sold my leather one because it was just too uncomfortable to sit on and the wheels didn't roll on the carpet (I don't like the mats under my chair) and besides I have the perfect chair in mind...

Something like this...

Now, Let's see what my dining room set looks like in the kitchen...

Not bad!!!
(Don't love it, YET!)

I can keep it small and still have enough room for 3 leafs and 6 chairs for entertaining...

After a long day of moving furniture around and getting things where I want them...This is what I have come up with...I can add the finishing touches later...I just wanted to get the furniture in place...

Here's the "Dining Room" turned "Office"...

What do you think???

~Like it or Love it~

Now, let's take a final look at the kitchen...

Like it or Love it???

How about some Before & After...We all Love them!!!

Are you wondering what I did with the table that was in the kitchen??? Or are you wondering what I did with the wall units that were in the dining room??? Or how about the room that was the home office???

Here's a sneak peak of the new disaster zone!!!

I hope you enjoyed my home rearranging tour!! I will update as I continue to "TWEAK" each room!!

I would love to hear your thoughts.



  1. Boy does that make your dinning room area look big! I think you should take the area rug out's too busy. Also the dar color sheer drapery in the middle...take it out and clean it all up and make it "fresh". If that makes sense. Too bad the tall table is so uncomfortable because the black table with the black office furniture really go well together. OR you should really paint the oak table/chairs Poor he can't wait to go back to work so he doesn't have to keep moving furniture...oh my! Hope this helps ;}

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  3. I agree with Roberta, the rug needs to go. Your new office set up looks so great now too! I'd probably hang soMe lighter panels up to let the sun shine in! Since I'm far from a professional decorator, I'd also recommend either painting the oak set or get something smaller. Maybe Craigslist? I sold my living room furniture last summer and bought a love seat and chair off there to make sure I liked it before investing anymore money into furniture. Now we just need the money to upgrade ago a nicer set but we're loving our bigger space! Keep up the good work!


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