Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kitchen Remodel - Beginning

We are getting ready to turn our small kitchen into a beautiful place to cook all those yummy recipes I find on Pinterest. 

Remodel Kitchen

This is the color scheme I am going with, at least for now. I'm forever changing my mind and I blame blogland for that. So, I AM open to ideas.

Here's the remodeling plan, as it is in my head. Ummm, yeah! That could change too. But, this is where I rely on my bloggy friends for some great ideas. 

I'm am sharing a couple views of the kitchen so you get a good visual of what we will be doing. 

This is the view coming in from the garage, standing in the laundry room. I would like to add pendant lights over the island. I am painting the cabinets and I've been going back and forth between black or a dark brown. I think dark brown is winning. And, I want to do something with those hideous looking counter tops. I think I'm going to try the Granite paint for counter tops by Giani Granite. The decision is to do Chocolate Brown or the Bombay Black.

Now we are standing on the other side of the kitchen look towards the laundry room. As you can see I don't have a lot of cabinet space or counter space so this is going to be challenging. But, I can do it. The kitchen just got a fresh coat of paint and a new floor. On the list is new stainless appliances. The first to replace is going to be the fridge, hubby is already crying over no water dispenser. I'm dreaming of french door fridges, Lowe's here I come. 

This view is standing in the corner of the living room. 

We are standing in the living room looking in the kitchen. I would love to paint that back wall a "POP" of color. I'm thinking the burgundy or even a deep plum. See there I go changing my mind again. Don't laugh I know you do it too. 

I also want to build an archway dividing the kitchen and living room. I have my builder BFF already working on the plans. Now that is exciting stuff. There will be 2 archways, one over the counter and one over the entrance in the kitchen with a pillar between the two. That probably confused you, huh? Don't worry, I will keep you updated.

Another view standing in front of the sliding glass door. 

Here's the view when you walk in the front door, standing in the living room. An archway is going to make a huge difference. 

Once I pick out the cabinet color and if I'm going to paint or stain. We will begin painting the cabinets this weekend. Exciting stuff so hang tight for an update. 

Speaking of exciting stuff. Crazy Beautiful Life is going into retirement. So, welcome to...

I will have a new website soon, just bare with me it's all so much at once. But, don't worry if you come here you will be redirected. But, I do have a HUGE favor for all my readers. I had to start a new Facebook page , so if you could come over and like me I would sooo appreciate it. 

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  1. Hi, Denyse

    I can't wait to see the finished results.


  2. Ahh! I can't wait to get my own home so I can redo the kitchen! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished handy-work!

  3. How exciting! I know it will turn out fabulous! Can't wait to see the reveal! I know you will be having a FUN weekend!

  4. This looks SO exciting.. and is almost making me want a house so I can re-do it too! I know it will be a lot of work but the final project will be sooo awesome! Found you via last week's Aloha Friday linkup!
    Nikki at

  5. Planning a remodel is really hard 'cause you don't want to regret it in the end, plus, mistakes can cost you a lot! If I may say so, how about changing the wall color to white? As with what I have seen, white is a favorite color for kitchen nowadays. Why don't you try that? There's an infinite kitchen inspiration on the internet and you can totally find a few things that you like and then put them together.

    Keaton Oakes

  6. I hate re-doing something! It only means that something's been wasted and I hate that! So, as much as possible, I ask my wife if she's sure before we put up something or buy anything. Pinterest is such a blessing! Through Pinterest, she can get ideas and inspirations that we can just copy or follow.

    Kristopher Diss

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