Friday, January 11, 2013

Featured Pinner Friday...

Pinner of the Week
Let's give a big shout out to Kristy from Shona Sky Creations.

Hi ya! My name is Kristy and I blog at Shona Skye Creations! I'm so chuffed that Denyse is featuring me today! I've been married to a boy from Glasgow, Scotland since the Dawn of Time, I'm Mom to two college-aged boys, a teenage daughter, and four fur babies. In addition to blogging and turning garbage into greatness, I babysit a darling little girl and work as a freelancer in the administrative assistant field. Check out my "About Me" on my blog. I'm pretty out there. LOL

When did you first start blogging? I started in January, 2012, but didn't really get serious until around October.

What inspired you to blog? When my kids were young, we were broke - all the time. I was a WAHM and I wasn't going to put my kids in daycare to get a regular job just to keep up with The Jonses. Being a hands-on mom was the most important thing to me. I don't like uninspiring, boring places and I didn't want my home to be like that, but I couldn't afford to be hitting up the furniture and decor stores. So, I started going to thrift stores out of necessity and found that I was good at taking my artsy side and turning tacky junk into cool, funky, unique, and functional items. 

Now, even though I'm not broke like that anymore, I still thrift all the time and I see it as a personal failure if I have to buy something "new." I thought of how discouraged I would get early on, looking at all the glossy decorator magazines and blogs and websites. Once I started making our home unique, cool, and polished, I got so many people asking me to give them advice on what to do with their spaces or if I would make them one of my projects that they really liked. I want to inspire people to not just "make do" but to "make awesome." Don't keep up with The Jonses. They are boring. Leave them in the dust and do it without their debt!

What do you blog about? I started out strictly with the idea of being a DIY blogger, but I'm naturally chatty (as you can see), so it has really turned into a mixed bag of DIY, decorating, lifestyle, humor, photography, etc. If I'm learning it, I'm probably blogging it. It's a warts-and-all blog, fails included. If you can't laugh at yourself, you are missing out. Perfection is boring - and not particularly inspiring.

What is the best thing about blogging? In part, it's finding your niche and others who share the same passions as you do. But, it's also so valuable as a means to keep yourself inspired! You are gonna get off your butt if your readers are expecting to see a post in their newsfeeds the next day. And it's impossible, as you make friendships with like-minded bloggers, not to be inspired by their work. As selfish as it sounds, I get more out of it than I can ever give back.

Thanks so much, Denyse!! <3 <3 <3

Kristy is quite the pinner too with 35 boards and over 2000 pins!!! 

If you get a chance stop over and give Kristy a great big virtual pat on the back. This is where you can stalk find her...


I'm a Featured Pinner

If you are on Pinterest and are interested in being featured come link up! Who knows you might meet some other great pinners and gain a few crazy beautiful ideas. 

Have a CRAZY BEAUTIFUL weekend.


  1. Denyse, thank you so much for featuring me! I had a lot of fun with the questions. I'm thrilled to be here!

    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

  2. HI there! I'm Hanna. I'm your newest follower!!! Lovely space you have here! I hope you have a great weekend! You can find me in my little corner anytime at

    xoxoxo Hanna


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