Thursday, December 6, 2012

Color Inspiration Wednesday


                         "Life is a great big canvas...Throw all the color on it you can"...

Have you ever looked an the other side of a leaf? Yeah! Well me neither. Maybe we should. I came across this website that has a lot of great color inspirations and one of the color inspirations came from the back of a leaf. Amazing! 

I thought Pink, Fuchsia & Gray was a great color combination to look at this week. And, it seems to be a popular color combination. 

This is a really cute room for a teenage girl. Who wouldn't love to be surrounded by Paris.

{unknown source}

If you like more softer colors, then this could be the perfect room for you. You could even toss a few Fuchsia throw pillows for that "POP" of color.

{source unknown}

If it's "A GIRL" this would make for an adorable nursery. 

Great idea! Make the room neutral and use your Pink & Fuchsia as your accent colors with just throws and throw pillows. Then if you are like me you can change the colors as often as you want with just some new throws and pillows. Now that is decoration on a budget!

{source unknown}

And if you REALLY like pink then this might be the bedroom for you. I do love the chandelier in the bedroom. So darn cute!

How cute is that ottoman??

OK! This is taking the "I love Pink" to a whole new level. Not sure how my hubby would feel about this one...LOL

Love, Love, Love!
 Now if you just tell me how to keep that light gray furniture so clean out in the open like that.  
Sometimes staging cracks me up!

Now, if you are really into retro then here's the bathroom for you. I do have to say that that design on those cabinets would be really cute on a piece of furniture...(note to self :-))


Have a "CRAZY BEAUTIFUL" day!!!


  1. I think I would kill for that ottoman and pink kitchen!! I love pink and girly stuff, so this is so me :)

  2. I thought I loved it in that more subdued bedroom, and then I saw the kitchen. The kitchen rocks!

    I'm stopping by from A Lovely Army wife to say "hi" and to invite you to join me at Local Sugar Hawaii, we're riding the wave of life one adventure at a time.

    Join us today for An Aloha Affair, a sweet gathering and growing together of creative souls. You are always welcome. Always.


  3. Hello! Found you VIA the Aloha Bog Hop...i'm excited to keep reading your follower :)

  4. LOOOOVE Pink :D

    You got a great Blog.

    Maybe you would like to follow each other?
    Just let me know :)

  5. These colors go great together. You are very talented.
    Thanks for linking up at the Adorned From Above Blog Hop.
    Adorned From Above,
    The Busy Bee's,
    Myrna and Joye.


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