Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hubby's Throne...

I thought my disastrous attempt of putting a nice cabinet behind "Hubby's Throne" was all said and done....

Remember the one I was putting together and it fell over and smashed into a million pieces...

Let's just say we won't go there again!!! It turned out good in the end...

Or so I thought...Well it at least worked out good for me...but hubby NOT SO MUCH!!!

The toilet lid stayed up but the toilet seat was another story...and let me just say hubby didn't like holding his own seat up much!!! LOL (I told him to sit) <--- he wasn't going for it!!!

We had a problem...I wasn't getting rid of the cabinet and hubby wasn't holding the toilet seat up...the shelf unit needs to be about 1 1/2 inches higher...We had some pieces of wood from the Pergola we built and I had my friend that built it cut two blocks and he was nice enough to bevel the edges...

Now it was time for me to work some painting magic...

Waa Laa...

Now I have another problem....

See that wood bar that goes behind the toilet...I had to squeeze on the floor to screw that in...and there is a pipe right above it....I am not responsible for measurement errors...It's the Hubby's Throne and it's all on him...I'm now walking away...

YEP!!! I heard him yelling...Did you???

After a few choice words...he did it....

And, I'm not saying a word about the
All that counts is that he's happy and his "Throne" now stands on it's own ;-)

This was way too much work for one cabinet....and it's not going anywhere...if I move it's staying (cause it will probably fall apart)...Haha



  1. OMG...I'm LMFAO...and Kevin just leaned over to see what I was reading and laughing so damn hard about...oh my! I can so relate to your throne dilema after what we went through with replacing our damn toilet after I cracked the first one! Tell Chris that at least his feet touch the ground when he does have to

  2. Ha! I feel like this happens to me too when I try to take the initiative with household things! :)


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