Monday, July 25, 2011

Daybed Makeover...

I'm just moving right along in the makeover of my 16 yr olds room...Time to paint some furniture and I'm starting with her daybed...It's a white iron daybed that has been moved so many times it does not seem to clean up very well anymore...

(Photo was taken in her old room)

We never put her bed together when we moved in June (she's at camp for the summer)...It is the perfect time to re-do her bedroom and paint that bed....Let's grab that black spray paint and get started...

Two ends and a back to spray...this should be quick...
(It's hot & humid I better hurry up)

Ha-Ha those saw horses used to be half red....I told my hubby that's what happens when I get a hold of spray paint...It goes EVERYWHERE!!!!
The bed is looking great...I like the black...don't you???

These 95 + degree days in NC make it hard to do anything outside...So if I'm not out there early working on a project I might as well forget it the rest of the day....

The spray painting was quick and easy and it dried in good time...and if you remember me telling you earlier that I told my hubby that when I get hold of a can of spray paint it goes EVERYWHERE...

Note to self: GET SOME RUBBER GLOVES!!!!

Yep!!! I just got my nails done :( ....time for another manicure :)

The bed turned out great...I love the black...I am getting excited for my daughter to come home and see her new room....

I have a bunch of inspirational pillows to put on her bed and a bed skirt...but those things will be the last minute touches....

There seems to be an elegance to taking a piece of furniture and painting it black...She does have some white bookshelves in her room but once I paint the dresser black they might have to stay white...that might be too much black in her room...but we will see and you can help me decide....

For now here's the before & after of the bed...

Next up...the dresser!!!!

(Old lime green & pink bedroom...I will blog on someday)

Check back on the teen bedroom makeover or whatever else I seem to be sharing...Knowing me one never knows what I might come up with....



  1. I love black furniture. I actually painted my craft desk black. So chic!


  2. You know me...I'm all over it when it comes to black furniture...looks great!! I'm seeing some "zebra stripes" on the dresser drawer about you? I say...go for it! lol Especially since one of the scrapbook papers was zebra srips if I remember right. HEY...remember the fruit strip gum!!! I'm on a roll now...somebody stop me...oh yeah!

  3. Check into getting a "trigger" for your spray cans! I think it might be called something silly like "spray helper" or handy sprayer". It pops onto the top of the can, and has a handle and button so you aren't actually touching the spray nozzle! Very cool!

  4. Wow that turned out lovely! I am googling for tips on paiting a white metal daybed- I'm thinking all black, but I'll turn the gold balls on the posts to an antique brass shade. Just curious if you had to sand or anything? I noticed our daybed seems very glossy! Not sure if it's high gloss paint or if they put a sealer over it... any advice???


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