Friday, August 31, 2012

Memory Boxes

I have been wanting to do something with my boxes and boxes of photos...

Doesn't that look overwhelming???
I can definitely reassure you that it is...I have been toting this mess around for years and since I have moved 9 times in less then 8 years I am sooo over it!!

Wouldn't it be great to have all these photos put into nice memory books?

Only if I come up on a money tree...Realistically, NOT going to happen...Now I had to dig deep into my creative mind and come up with something on my own... 

I will start with these boxes...I bought them last year for .50 after Christmas...I believe they may do the trick..

Now, to grab my stack of scrapbook paper, Modge Podge and cover the boxes...
I think this will work, don't you???

I plan on doing a box for every year I have photos for...YIKES!! This might take me awhile...
Let's go back to the year 1989 that seems to be where I stopped putting pics in photo albums...I have added some pictures from that year on to the cover of the box and the year down the side to decorate it up a bit...

It's a live and learn process...I will add photos of major events for that year or photos that are the most memorable for me...Like a wedding, birth, vacation, and any firsts!!!

1989 and 1990
It's a good start...

Time to gather the supplies and photos for inside my new "Memory Boxes"...

To organize the photos I wrapped them in bundles using ribbon and making tags to document what life event is wrapped up...

Oh, I love it!!!!

Now to make a little note and glue it to the inside of the lid about that years life events...Ages, Milestones, Dear Friends, Weddings, Births, and God's Angels!!

Close up the box and put them on the shelf and they make for a beautiful decoration and keeper of all your memories...I plan to add not only photos but newspaper clippings, gift cards and anything else I find that correlates with that year...

There is so many ways you can decorate these boxes to make them your own...Frame the photos on the front, add embellishments or whatever your creative mind wants to do...

They fit perfectly on my book shelves I never know what to do with...
(If you've followed my blog you know about my book shelf issues)

 I have several more years to go...But, to be honest I can only go up to year 2000 and then everything becomes digital...

I wonder if I will every be fully organized...



  1. What a great idea to keep all those years of memories organized!

  2. Hey girl! Visiting/following from the blog hop! Come over and visit me today! :)

    I definitely need to make some of these!

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  3. I LOVE this idea! It's totally affordable too :)

    Thanks so much for linking up with us this week @ Keep Calm & Link Up! Looking forward to your next project :)

  4. That is so creative and frugal all at the same time. New follower here from That Friday Blog Hop. Have a great holiday weekend.

    Michele @

  5. are very ambitious ;} My photos are in albums and boxes we well...but they are staying in the boxes for now...yuck...yuck....yuck!


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