Monday, January 16, 2012

A little organizing going on...

I've been a busy bee today at mi casa lately...and it feels GREAT!!!

I'm making my way through my crazy 2012 checklist...woo hoo (happy dance)

My first trip was my purse...and you can say "WTH" with me...Not sure what was going on here and I can't even make excuses to what happened...

Yes that all fit in my purse...LOL

Don't worry I got this!!!
(along with this purse organizer I've had for years)

Much better...

It will stay like this for awhile...I hardly carry a purse ;-)

As I was putting a few things in my nightstand I realized...NOOOOOO!!!

Nothing more can go in the nightstand...See what I mean...

You know what I had to do next!! Empty the drawer and clean it OUT...

I had a couple little baskets from the dollar store to help organize this mess and they worked perfectly...Now I can actually find something in here ;-)


While I was on a role organizing...One of the things I have on my list is to purge and organize the front entrance closet...I haven't touched it since we moved in this house in May...

It's not a total disaster (like my bedroom closet) but I couldn't stand it...I felt like I was fighting everything to get one thing out of it.. The rack on the door used to be in my pantry and was perfect for that space...Unfortunately, it doesn't fit in the pantry at this house so I stuck it in this closet and it turned into a crap collector...See where I threw all the baggies, kitchen foil and cling wraps!!

(Darn things fall all over the place when I open the door)

Everything else was just tossed in there and not really sure what all the coats are...We seem to wear the same ones all the time...

The only way to get started on this project is to take everything out of the closet...

I'm not putting any thought into this...If I dont' use it...say buh bye!!

Here are the coats that we are going to donate to the homeless (top pile)...and, my Columbia winter coat (bottom pile) I will store away for when I have to make a trip up North in the winter...I'm from PA and my husband is from MD so it's a good possibility I will need that coat again...It's too thick for me living in the South..

I grabbed some extra baskets I had (Thanks to my dear friend, Roberta) and used them in the closet...They worked perfectly...Especially for all those kitchen baggies and stuff...

I now have room for "NEW" coats...LOL
(You'll see what I mean in a few)

My battle getting the vacuum cleaner out of the closet has now come to an end and the hubby's shoes have a new home...

The closet now looks nice and organized the way I like it...I utilized every inch of it including the rack on the door...I used the rack for umbrella's, gloves and scarves...


And, lucky me!!! Hubby bought me a new coat...LOL
(I'll be purging that closet again in no time ;-))

It has been a VERY productive day for me...Organized, Created my budget planner spreadsheet, Downloaded my photos from New Year's Eve on my personal FB page for all my friends to see, Blogged and talked to my dear friend, Roberta @ The Love Shack for 2 hours...We always have lots to say!!!

Now time for me to get dinner going, work on my life journals and I think I'll play on Pinterest...There goes my



  1. about the Engergizer Bunny! You put me to shame...I felt like I hit the wall today! That's what happens when I have to narrow down my photos...too many to choose from...I think I'd rather organize my drawers It was great catching up on the phone today and so glad we made the time ;}

  2. Wow, I do that on the flylady schedule. I declutter and purge on area a day for 15 minutes. It so much easier and not as over whelming! Great job!

    Found you on the tackle it tuesday!

  3. I love the closet redo - I did the EXACT same thing a few weeks ago :) It looks great :)

  4. Look at you go!


  5. Denyse, I was going to end you a email but cannot find your email address on here ... so I'll put this in the comments thread.

    Was hoping you might like to join our "Imagine the Impossibilities" challenge and multi-blog link party that culminates on January 31. Here's a link with more ...

    You seem to be on a tear already ...



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